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At Advance Therapy, we pride ourselves on quality care and the ability to show patients their progress throughout their recovery journey. We recently partnered with Trazer, a technology that will allow us to objectively and precisely help patients with cognition, physical recovery, and exact progress tracking.

What is Trazer?

Trazer is an activity-based holistic technology that uses a camera and precise scanning to evaluate a patient’s movement. While the patent is in motion, they are able to view themselves completing activities on a screen and they are then able to view their stats to see how well they completed the task.

This technology has been proven to be effective in fall prevention, sports performance, and injury rehabilitation, and will allow Advance Therapy patients and their physical therapists to view objective data and make better decisions moving forward with your health and recovery throughout your visits.

Why use Trazer?

Trazer is a fun and interactive way to help patients be confident and fully aware of their progress at all times. At the beginning of any activity on the platform, a virtual avatar is created on-screen and will mimic the patient’s movements in real-time. The activity will place visual cues on the screen that patients will react to and move accordingly – freely and without any cables or connections on the body.

During each activity, the camera/scanner constantly tracks 25 different points on the patient’s body as they move. The software on the Trazer platform will help measure data on acceleration and deceleration, reaction time, weight distribution in movement, kinematic joint angles, and much more.

Once the activity is completed, the data appears on-screen for patients and their physical therapist to view and compare to previous sessions. This will allow our patients to see their exact improvements and set goals for their future sessions at Advance Therapy, all while having fun.

Who can use Trazer?

The short answer is anyone! Whether you are old, young, or anywhere in-between, Trazer can benefit your improvement and healing. Being fully digital, there are no minimum requirements for how fast you have to move. As a result, patients at Advance Therapy will benefit from Trazer regardless of age and whether they are recovering from an injury, working on balance, practicing mobility, or simply practicing strength.

We are excited to implement Trazer sessions into physical therapy for our senior citizens working on balance, mobility, fall prevention, and overall cognition. Trazer mimics real-world situations and allows patients to test their movement and reaction time without the actual dangers surrounding activity outside of the session – allowing patients to have fun while maintaining functional independence.

Additionally, we are thrilled about expanding our options for athletes and overall health practices through using Trazer. By using its precise scanning and data tracking, patients can build strength and train effectively by seeing how well they move in certain directions, which types of movements need improvement, and they can constantly compare with previous results.

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