New Patient Intake Papers

Complete the forms at your convivence and bring them with you at your first appointment.

Along with these forms, you should also bring your:

  • Your Physical Therapy prescription, if applicable

  • Your insurance card or case number

  • Any relevant diagnostic reports you may have (for example, X-ray or MRI)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your new patient procedure?

Your physical therapist will perform your careful evaluation after reviewing your medical history, your complaints, records from your doctor's office, and other relevant information that you will provide. You will be educated with the findings of evaluation and physical therapist will discuss with you range of treatments that may help the condition like yours.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

The state of Texas allows physical therapist with doctor degree to evaluate and treat patients for 10 days without a doctor's referral. We then will need referral from your doctor. Our office can call your doctor to obtain this.

What types of health insurance do you accept?






Medicare Replacement Plans

Medicaid and its Replacement Plans

Texas Work Force 



United Healthcare

Work Comp

LOP from Attorneys


Does my physical therapist have a doctor's degree?

All our physical therapists have doctor degrees in physical therapy. They are all well trained in understanding the science of pain, the response of the body to pain, healing, and recovery phase.