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Advance Physical Therapy actively participates in the communities it serves. Our various clinical and non-clinical staff are active community members and we have supported several community-based events, given lectures, and presentations, raised awareness, and supported local sports teams over the last several years.

September 2016

The Advance Therapy team took the day off to serve those who protect us. Thank you Bryan PD for all that you do. We at advance therapy are so grateful to give back to these well-deserving individuals!

March 2022

Some eighth grade students at Stephen F. Austin Middle School in Bryan are headed to a regional robotics competition. The Odyssey Academy students from SFA took class out of of the classroom and into the pool at Advanced Therapy Aquatics and Wellness to test their underwater robots. “It gives them a really abstract challenge. Something you don’t typically do in a middle school setting,” said Parker Knutson, one of their engineering teachers. “They have to do the engineering design process. They have documentation that they keep track of. And they have to build their robots, underwater robots, from scratch–the motors, every aspect of it.” Those underwater robots, controlled by their young creators, competed in two courses: a speed challenge and a practical skills challenge–all underwater.

August 2022

Advance Therapy hosted a seminar demonstrating safe patient handling techniques in healthcare environments. Dr. Rohan Oza hosted the informative presentation and Dr. Jeff Kim lead the hands on practice for our learners.

March 2023

Students at Stephen F. Austin Middle School in Bryan utilized our facility and resources to prepare for their national robotics competition. This group went through regionals in Georgetown and qualified for the National competition in Maryland last year. We wish them luck with their underwater robotics technology this year!

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