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Physiotherapy Guide


⇒ You will first be greeted by the front desk receptionist who will provide you with the intake paperwork and collect your insurance card and your ID. To save time you can also download the paperwork provided on this page and bring it with you at your first visit.


⇒ Your first visit at Advance Physical Therapy is generally called Initial Evaluation. It begins with your physical therapist asking you questions about the onset of your pain or other conditions that made you see a physical therapist. Your physical therapist will also ask you questions about your medical conditions, past surgeries, medications, etc. They will review any test, or imaging results that you have brought along or if your physician has sent us any information.


⇒ Physical therapists at Advance Physical Therapy use their sound clinical reasoning skills, and experience to assess and analyze your problem to provide you with a personalized treatment plan.


⇒ They will also answer any questions you may have on the approximate time to heal, recover, or return to work. We cannot guarantee the exact time frame but can provide you with the best estimate based on our experience.


⇒ On most occasions, we will also start your treatment at your first visit and provide you with the home exercises to start between your sessions.


⇒ At the end, you will be checked out by the front desk staff, and they will create your upcoming appointments based on your therapist’s recommendations and what your schedule permits.

⇒ Physician’s order


⇒ Imaging Results (X-Ray, MRIs etc.)


⇒ Your Medication List


⇒ Insurance Card and ID

⇒ Varies a lot based on your condition, presentation, time since the onset, medical history, personal factors, etc. A lot of patients with acute and sub-acute pain experience fewer symptoms in just a few visits.


⇒ Most physical therapy treatment plans are about 2-3/ Week for 4-8 Weeks.

No, we can send a recertification request to your physician’s office and extend your treatment sessions unless your referring physician has any objections.

Typically, 20-25 sessions, however, based on your condition we can request more sessions for you.

⇒ The state of Texas allows physical therapists with doctor degrees to evaluate and treat patients for 15 days without a doctor’s referral. We then will need a referral from your doctor. Our office can call your doctor to obtain this. However, your insurance might stipulate a physician’s order under many circumstances.


⇒ If you are seeing us without a physician’s order, please sign and bring the attached Disclosure form to this page with you on your first visit.

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and sneakers. Wear something easy to move in.

You can certainly request to be always seen by the same therapist and our front office staff will put you on the schedule of the same therapist.

Every clinic is different, some are open at 7 AM and some are open until 7 PM.

Saturday hours are available as well at some locations. Please check your preferred clinic’s webpage for hours.

No, you cannot be seen at an outpatient clinic if you get any kind of home healthcare. Your home healthcare agency will have to completely discharge you before we can see you.

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