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Respiratory & Deconditioning

Respiratory physical therapy is a crucial treatment for a variety of lung and breathing disorders. Physical therapy helps you manage your symptoms, minimize flare-ups from your lung disease, and maximize lung function, all of which contribute to improving your quality of life.

In addition, respiratory physical therapy interventions are directed to a wide range of problems and complications that arise from conditions that affect the pulmonary systems.

  • • To improve breathing pattern.
  • • To improve vital pulmonary functions
  • • Improve lung expansion capacities.
  • • Improve use of accessory muscles
  • • Postural changes
  • • To maintain muscle property and strength



Deconditioning is the decline in physical function of the body as a result of physical inactivity and or bedrest or an extremely sedentary lifestyle. It is a complex process of physiological change resulting in functional losses in such areas as movement, mental status, degree of confidence and ability to accomplish activities of daily living. The most important feature of deconditioning is a decline in muscle strength and bulk.


  • • decline in independence.
  • • heightened risk of falling
  • • prone to fractures more easily
  • • Loss of energy



We have a team of licensed physical therapist which will help you from your initial assessment to your complete treatment plan. Our examples of treatment are:

  • • Improve lung expansion through exercises.
  • • Improve aerobic conditioning.
  • • Thoracic spine manual therapy
  • • Reduce shortness of breath (SOB) episodes.
  • • Active cycle of breathing technique
  • • Muscle strengthening
  • • Balance and posture control



Here at Advance Physical Therapy, we can help you for treating your respiratory condition and deconditioning. We can help you from your cardiorespiratory assessment to making your personalized treatment plan. Call us to schedule your appointment today.

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