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Why Isn’t MRI Always the Solution for Diagnosing Whiplash Pain?

If you have neck pain after a car accident, you may wonder if an MRI is necessary to diagnose it. If you’ve been told about herniated discs after motor vehicle accidents, you may want to know if an MRI is the best way to diagnose it. However, diagnosing whiplash pain can be a complex issue, […]

Whiplash Mystery: Unmasking Shoulder Involvement

Have you been experiencing an increase in neck pain after lifting or carrying light weights?Thinking of returning to lifting after a car crash injury?If you have, it’s essential to understand that whiplash injuries to the neck can impact more than just your cervical spine. Such injuries can affect your shoulder girdle and thoracic spine as […]

How does physical therapy help with neck pain after an accident?

Injuries to the neck region (cervical spine) have been deeply studied for several decades by many researchers in healthcare. Pain in the neck is often described as “Whiplash” which was first coined by Harold Crowe in 1928. The term has since then evolved with more advancements in the field of diagnostic imaging, treatments, and rehabilitation. […]

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