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Post Operative Rehabilitation

At Advance Physical Therapy, we are skilled in helping people recover from a wide range of surgical procedures. We offer Pre- and Post-operative care after most surgical conditions. Your surgeon is updated about your progress and if they have a preferred protocol of rehab, we will work with you on their recommended guidelines.


The following are the most common surgeries after which Physical Therapy is prescribed:
  • • Orthopedic Surgery: replacements, reconstructions, and repairs of the bones, joints, and muscles.
  • • Neurological and Spinal Surgery: brain surgery, disc replacements and repairs, spinal fusions, and other operations.
  • • Surgery for the internal organs, commonly referred to as abdominal and thoracic surgery.
  • • Obstetric and Gynecological Surgery: hysterectomy, postnatal care, gynecological reconstructions, and repairs, etc.
  • • Cancer related surgeries requiring removal of tumor, organs, lymph nodes etc.
  • • Amputations.



Surgery can undoubtedly alleviate medical illnesses that are unresponsive to more conservative measures, but it can also have negative physical and psychological effects, leading to dissatisfaction and anxiety.

Following surgery, pain and inflammation are common. Nevertheless, physiotherapy can aid in their treatment, encourage prompt healing, and help you reach your full potential while you rehabilitate.


Benefits of seeing a Physical Therapist are:
  • • Getting back into sports and other physical and leisure activities
  • • Diminish tension in muscles and joints.
  • • Regain strength and endurance.
  • • Preventing post-operative complications.
  • • Develop self-assurance
  • • Relieve pain and stiffness.
  • • Meet your short- and long-term health objectives.

We at Advance Physical Therapy will help you at each step of your healing. Our licensed physical therapists can conduct a thorough Post operative evaluation to ascertain the source of your discomfort or dysfunction and do communication with Surgeons for your Plan of care. They will be able to create a personalized treatment plan that is focused on reaching your objectives.



Schedule an appointment with our team of Advance therapy and get assessed with the best licensed physical therapist. We will develop a tailored treatment plan for your condition based on the findings.

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