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15119 Wallisville Rd, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77049
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Monday:             7am - 7pm
Tuesday:            7am - 7pm
Wednesday:     7am - 7pm
Thursday:           7am - 7pm
Friday:                 7am - 7pm
Gait Training
Manual Therapy
Lower Back Pain
Dry Needling
Concussion Injuries
Return to Sport
Sport Injury
Arthritis managent

Functional Capacity Evaluation
Return to Work Program

Advance Physical Therapy is proud to announce its new clinic in East Houston. 


Our approach to evaluating your problems and treating them makes us different than other providers. Our facilities are equipped right types of equipment, well-trained and passionate therapists that treat you with empathy, and staff that will welcome you with dignity and a smile. 


Our hands-on approach and evidence-based skilled treatments consistently help us to get results faster for you and to meet your goals in as few visits as possible.

Our East Houston clinic is a go-to community-based clinic, we thrive and take pride in serving  Cloverleaf, Channelview, Jacinto City, Pasadena, South Houston the Houston community. 

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