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Respiratory & Deconditioning

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Respiratory physical therapy is a crucial treatment for a variety of lung and breathing disorders. Physical therapy helps you manage your symptoms, minimize flare-ups from your lung disease, and maximize lung function, all of which contribute to improving your quality of life.In addition, respiratory physical therapy interventions are directed to a wide range of problems […]

Neurological Rehabilitation

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Neurological Rehab Neurological Rehab is a specialist area of Physical therapy. Neuro physical therapy focuses on assessing and treating people with movement disorders that have resulted from injury or disease to the brain, spinal cord, or extremities of the body.In today’s Era, Physical therapists need to embrace the responsibility of using evidence based or at […]

Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Catastrophic and Serious Injuries require a more skilled rehab team. Why Us We have years of experience in treating catastrophic injuries and have helped several hundred patients return to what they could do before the injury. Our clinicians understand the impact of injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents and other accidents which extends to multiple […]


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Concussion Injuries Concussions or mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI) often go undiagnosed after a concussive event. These events could happen from motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, or any other injuries which lead to direct or indirect blows to the head. Talk to a Therapist ( Request a Free Phone Consultation with the Therapist) Click here […]

Sports Medicine

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Injuries are common in sporting events, competitions, or fitness activities, and can be due to multiple risk factors. Things such as improper training methods or techniques, varying physical fitness levels, lack of warming up or stretching muscles, muscle imbalances, stress injuries, overexertion, improper joint mechanics, etc. Talk to a Therapist ( Request a Free Phone […]

Occupational Therapy

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Occupational Therapy is a specialized field that focuses on helping individuals regain independence, improve functional abilities, and enhance overall well-being. When it comes to neurological conditions, our expert Occupational Therapist is equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide targeted interventions tailored to your specific needs. Are you or someone you know dealing with a […]

Fall Risk Management

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Falling, or even the fear of falling is a heavy burden on many people and can heavily impede your ability to be fully independent. Additionally, falling can cause significant injury and change your ability to be independent, it can cause further injury, and can prevent you from participating in activities that bring you joy. Advance […]

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